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Friday, August 18, 2006


I have more ideas than I have time to finish them. If anyone out there is artistic and familiar with graphics programs, I could use a few minutes here and there to help me finish off some frames. This could possibly get me another consistent post day, since the only guarantee I make right now is Fridays.

The process is simple if you've used graphic programs:
  • Create two layers.
  • Place text on layer three in locations where it is most readable and aesthetically pleasing. ( I'm not very good with this step. There are specific fonts for each character, but that's easy to do.)
  • Design the bubbles on layer two.
  • That's it!

It would not involve any writing of the scripts or character design, although I appreciate suggestions, I'm afraid someone else's work will be better than mine and a seed of self doubt grows very quickly in the fertile soil of my mind.

If you're interested, but lack the knowledge, I might suggest looking into a program called GIMP, and toying around with layers, text and colored regions. Creating your own comic is a great way to understand the process. And if you come up with something you think is better, don't hesitate to share. Everything I do I just guessed at as I went along, and it's easy to tell things keep evolving (and I hope they always do). I also use a program called OpenCanvas, of which I am very fond.


Anonymous cloud for you said...

hmm, yeah I wouldn't mind helping you out and such, though I'd have to use your program-thingy. Although, this will mean more visits, and to that I can only say Yay!

August 24, 2006 11:24 PM  

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